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Whichever type of Volkswagen Crafter model you have, we can provide you with the most affordable and convenient way to replace your keys. To get started, find your vehicle by entering your registration number and postcode below.
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Professional Van Key Replacement Service

KeyNOW offers the easiest, cheapest and fastest Volkswagen key replacement service in the UK. We pride ourselves on delivering top-quality services that are convenient for our customers.

The Volkswagen Crafter

The Volkswagen Crafter, introduced in 2006, is the largest three- to five-ton van produced and sold by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles replacing the Volkswagen Transporter LT that was launched in 1975. The first-generation Crafter was a rebadged Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with the second-generation, launched in  2017, being purely designed and built by Volkswagen. Available as a Panel van, Minibus, Double cab and Chassis cab it was awarded Overall Van of the Year (UK) and Large Van of the Year by What Van? in 2006. The e-Crafter is an all electric version of the van unveiled in 2016

Our Services

What Volkswagen Crafter key problems do you have?

  • A set of keys have gone missing?
  • A set of keys have been damaged?
  • Additional drivers of the vehicle need their own set of keys?
  • You don't have a spare key as back up

Don't worry, KeyNOW has you covered. We provide:

  • Volkswagen Crafter replacement keys
  • Volkswagen Crafter spare and addditional keys
  • Volkswagen Crafter key repair
  • Assistance to program your replacement key to your vehicle

Having issues with keys for your vehicle can be a real headache. It disrupts your everyday and work life and can cost you money and time to sort out. We get to work on your new key as soon as your order has been placed online, and aim to have your new set programmed to your vehicle within 3 working days; A much-improved service compared to that offered by main dealerships and other key replacement service providers.

Call us on: 0333 1881318 - or message us via Contact Us

Volkswagen Crafter Replacement Keys

There are 2 main types of keys for a Volkswagen Crafter:

Remote Keys

Remote keys are one of the most common type of vehicle key in use. The key has a traditional key blade that has to be inserted into the ignition to start the vehicle and it contains a transponder chip which communicates with the security system to allow the car to start. The battery-powered key fob has remote control buttons that allow you to lock and unlock the doors without having to physically insert the key into the door lock.

Smart Keys

Smart keys, sometimes referred to as Proximity keys, are one of the latest types of keys to be utilised by vehicle manufacturers. Smart keys are detected by your vehicle when you’re nearby and this type of key also allows users to start the engine with a press of a button. While driving, these keys do not need to be inserted into the ignition.

Why Volkswagen Owners use KeyNOW for Replacement and Spare Vehicle Keys

We Save You Money
We offer affordable costs without sacrificing quality. We will always charge you the best possible price, and you can expect to save up to 60% when you shop with us.
We Save You Time
We can craft, supply and install a new set of keys within just 3 working days. It can take weeks for other replacement companies and car dealerships to do the same – eliminate that inconvenience by working with us.
We're Easy to Use and Convenient
It takes just 4 simple steps and a mere 5 minutes of your time to order replacement Volkswagen keys from the comfort of your own home.
We Guarantee All Replacement Keys
All the keys we supply have a 2-year replacement warranty. If any issues occur with your Volkswagen key replacement within the first two years we will replace it without charge.
We're Always Here To Help
We put customers at the centre of our business. Therefore, we are proud providers of attentive, friendly and professional customer care to everyone who contacts us.
We're Highly Rated
KeyNOW has amazing reviews from satisfied customers. On TrustPilot, we are rated ‘excellent’ with a score of 4.7/5 based on 3,500+ reviews.

How It Works

We’ll have your replacement car keys with you in only a few days, it’s as easy as four simple steps.

Find Your Vehicle

Simply find your vehicle via our easy-to-use, online search tool and choose the key and service you require.

Order Your Key

Purchase your key and securely upload a clear image of your key along with proof of ID.

Your Replacement Key Is Cut

Our in-house expert technicians will decode and accurately cut your new car or van key.

Choose Your Delivery Service

  You Come To Us
  We Come To You

* Includes new cut key with easy-to-use pairing device

Keeping You and Your Data Safe

Here are just a few of the measures that we take to keep you and your data safe:

We use Amazon Cloud to store all images.
When the process is complete, we delete all of your data.
We use 256-bit SSL encryption to secure data
We carry out ID and vehicle checks.

Volkswagen Crafter Key Replacement FAQs

The price can vary depending on the type of key for your vehicle and which type of service you require from us (cut key only, Pair-it-Yourself, You Come to Us or We Come to You). KeyNOW fully programmed replacement keys start at £99 and are typically up to 60% cheaper than main dealer prices. Simply enter your vehicle registration and postcode above to get your quick price quote.

Our technology uses photographs of your car keys in order to create a replacement set. If you cannot send us a picture of your existing keys, you will need to get in touch with an auto locksmith to help you.
The Cut Key Only service provides you with a replacement key that will not be programmed to your car when you receive it. The key will allow you to unlock and lock your doors but will not allow you to start the engine until it has been programmed. Only a person or company (e.g. Auto Locksmith or Garage) that has specialist software can program the key for you. They will charge you for this service.
Yes. For more than 20 years, all new vehicles have been supplied with an immobiliser by law. As a result, all replacement keys have to be programmed to the vehicle for them to work. When you purchase a replacement car or van key online, be aware that you will need to have that key reprogrammed to your vehicle.

Yes, you can choose our 'You Come to Us'  or 'We Come To You' service when you order your key.  'You Come to Us' service is where you can come and collect your replacement key from a local Timpson store and a trained technician pairs the key to your car, while you wait. With our 'We Come To You' service, one of our fully trained in-house KeyNOW technicians hand delivers your new key and pairs it to your car, at a location, date and time of your choosing.

Ideally yes. Having a second/spare key for your vehicle can save you time, money and headaches. If you only have one key and it gets lost or damaged, most vehicle owners find that they have no option but to go to the main dealer. Some even find that they need to have their whole locks changed. This takes time and is very expensive. When you go to sell your vehicle, not having a spare key can also seriously impact the trade-in value.
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