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If you need your key replaced for your Mazda vehicle, KeyNOW has got you covered. Our services are affordable, swift and reliable. We will have a new set of keys ready for you within just 3 working days.
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Mazda Replacement Services

Has one of the following issues occurred?

  • You've lost a set of keys for your Mazda?
  • A set of keys are broken?
  • You only have one set of keys for your Mazda?
  • Another driver needs their own set of keys?

We offer the following services for your Mazda:

  • Replacement Mazda keys 
  • Spare and additional Mazda keys 
  • Mazda key repair
  • Mazda Car key programming


Mazda Motor Corporation is a Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer headquartered in Fuchu, Hiroshima, Japan.

Mazda (then named Toyo Kogyo) began as a cork-making factory in 1920 but moved from manufacturing machine tools to vehicles in 1931.They didn't adopt the Mazda name until 1984.

Sales of imported Mazda cars started in the UK in 1967 on a very small scale, however over the last fifty years more than 30 different Mazda nameplates have now been imported into the UK.

Mazda Motors UK was founded in 2001 to bring the UK market closer to the global HQ. In 2002 the first of a new generation of Mazda cars – the original Mazda6 was launched in the UK. Mazda UK now accounts for 16% of European sales volume for Mazda Europe.

Mazda Replacement Keys

At KeyNOW we can replace remote and smart keys for Mazda vehicles.

Remote Keys

A Remote or All-In-One Key is a key you must insert into the ignition, a chip in the head communicates to the car, which allows it to start. Powered by a battery, a remote car key fob will feature buttons that can lock, unlock the vehicle and deactivate the alarm at a nearby distance without putting the keyblade into the door lock.

Smart Keys

Smart car keys, sometimes referred to as Proximity Keys, are one of the latest types of car keys to be utilised by vehicle manufacturers. Smart keys are detected by your vehicle when you’re nearby and unlock the doors. This type of key also allows users to start their cars with a press of a button. While driving, these car keys do not need to be inserted into the ignition.

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How It Works

We’ll have your replacement car keys with you in only a few days, it’s as easy as four simple steps.

Find Your Vehicle

Simply find your vehicle via our easy-to-use, online search tool and choose the key and service you require.

Order Your Key

Purchase your key and securely upload a clear image of your key along with proof of ID.

Your Replacement Key Is Cut

Our in-house expert technicians will decode and accurately cut your new car or van key.

Choose Your Delivery Service

  You Come To Us
  We Come To You

* Includes new cut key with easy-to-use pairing device

What makes KeyNOW the first choice for Mazda key replacement

Competitive Price
Affordability is important to us. Our customers can save up to 60% when they shop with us over other companies. Prices start from just £99 for a fully programmed key.
Quick Delivery
At KeyNOW, we work very quickly. We will manufacture and program a new set of keys within just 3 working days. This is significantly quicker than any other key replacement brand or car dealership.
Simple Process
A straightforward process with no hassle. Simply enter your registration number and postcode and upload a photograph of your key and driving licence. That's all!
Excellent warranty
We give you a 2-year replacement warranty on your new Mazda spare key or replacement. Any problems we will replace them free of charge.
Great Customer Service
We have an excellent customer service team that will attentively answer your queries and see to any problems you may have.
High Satisfaction Rate
Our satisfied customers have left glowing reviews about our services online. We are rated ‘excellent’ on TrustPilot, with over 3,500 reviews averaging 4.7/5.

Convenience & unbeatable prices

For a new, fully-programmed remote key, select the service that suits you best.

KeyNOW by Timson Logo- Typically upto 60% cheaper than Car Dealerships
Pair It Yourself
A new cut key, with easy-to-use pairing device, ready for you to pair to your vehicle yourself
You Come To Us
A new cut key, despatched to your selected Timpson store and paired to your vehicle by a trained technician
We Come To You
A new cut key, paired to your vehicle by our trained technician at a location and time to suit you
Main Dealer
Price Typical Example: Ford Focus 2016 Key. £129 £149 £199 £248
Available Typical delivery time 2-3 Days 2-3 Days 3-5 Days 7-21 Days
Delivered to your home for DIY programming
Collect from your local Timpson store
Book a technician at a time & location to suit you
Access to your vehicle at all times
Order Online
Price transparency
Mazda Key Replacement FAQ

We will need the following information:

  • Your vehicle registration number
  • Your postcode
  • A photo of the key you want a replacement for
  • A photo of your driving licence
Yes we need a photograph of your existing key in order to get the job done.

We aree always adding new models we can supply keys for however at present we can provide new keys for:

  • Mazda 2
  • Mazda 3
  • Mazda 5
  • Mazda 6
  • Mazda CX-3
  • Mazda CX-5
  • Mazda CX-7
KeyNOW offers a UK nationwide key replacement service. Order your Key online and then select a local Timpson store where you can collect the key and a trained technician will program and pair the key to your vehicle.
Whether that be your home or your workplace, our ‘We Come To You’ service offers you the convenience of one of our experienced in-house technicians hand delivering and pairing the key to your vehicle at a location and time that suits you.
Ideally yes. Having a second/spare car key can save you time, money and headaches. If you only have one key and it gets lost or damaged, most vehicle owners find that they have no option but to go to the main dealer. Some even find that they need to have their whole locks changed. This takes time and is very expensive. When you go to sell your vehicle, not having a spare key can also seriously impact the trade-in value.