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With our Peugeot key replacement service, you can get a spare key sent to you in no time at all. with little to no hassle! So, whether you need a Peugeot 107 key replacement or a Peugeot 207 spare key, we’ve got you covered.
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Have your new Peugeot replacement key sent out to you within 3 working days and save up to 40% in comparison to other key replacement dealerships. KeyNOW is the nation’s favourite key replacement service, and it’s easy to see why. We’re quick, efficient and reliable, but don’t just believe us, believe our amazing Trustpilot reviews too! 

Peugeot Key Replacements

Peugeot is one of the main car manufacturers today, with the 107 being one of their most popular models with people in the UK. If you need a replacement car key for your Peugeot car, then you’ve come to the right place.

Choose KeyNOW to create a new set of Peugeot car keys with our excellent key-cutting technology.

KeyNOW Key Replacement Services

Experiencing any of the following?

  • A snapped car key?
  • A weather or damaged key?
  • Lower car value due to missing spare key?
  • Only one set of keys for your car?
  • Your key is locked in your vehicle?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above, then KeyNOW is here to help you with our great key replacement services. We can replace, repair and reprogramme your car keys and have them sent out to you in a matter of days. We’re here to help, no matter the problem.

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Peugeot Models We Cover

Peugeot began as a family-run business in 1810. It all began with hand tools, bikes and eventually the cars we all know and love. Today, the manufacturer has been successfully involved in car production and has won countless awards and recognitions. When it comes to Peugeot car key replacements, we cover most makes and models.

All Peugeot replacement keys need to be created using sophisticated software that can programme and personalize them to match your car exactly. If you use a standard dealership for this, your wait time could be around 4 weeks. With the rapid KeyNOW key replacement service, your key will be delivered in no time at all.

KeyNOW: Fast, Reliable and Budget Friendly

We are the UK’s leading key replacement service, here are just a few reasons why:
We can have your new set of Peugeot car keys programmed and delivered to your door within 3 working days.
2-Year Warranty
If you have any issues with your keys within the first 2 years, we will replace them.
Great Customer Service
We have a great customer service team that is available 24/7.
Our services are up to 40% cheaper than competitors and car dealerships.
Simple Process
We only require you to fill out a quick online form, and we deal with the rest.

The Process

We pride ourselves on offering a straightforward process for our customers. 

1. Fill out our simple online form

Firstly, you will need to fill out a quick online form that will ask you for some information, this includes:

  • Registration number & VIN
  • Photograph of your car keys 
  • Photograph of your driving licence 

Once you have filled out the form, you can make your payment through our secure website, and we will get to work.

2. We get to work

Next, we will cut a new set of keys for your Peugeot. We use cutting-edge, precise technology, which replicates your key based on the photograph that you sent us. 

3. Delivery of your replacement car key

Once we have your new set of keys ready, we will deliver them to your door. At this point you have two options, which are:

  • A skilled professional can program your car and key in person
  • A device can be sent to you

The process is no longer than 15 minutes. If you need any extra help during this stage, you can get in touch with our customer service team and they will help you out.

Call us on: 0333 1881318 - or message us via Contact Us
Peugeot Key Replacement FAQ
The cost of your key replacement will depend on a number of factors. However, our prices start from just £50 per key.
Yes. We offer a 2-year warranty on all replacement keys.
The technology we use replicates your car key based on the images you send to us. So, if you do not have a key to photograph your keys, we will not be able to create a set of replacement keys.

Get in Touch

If you need a new set of Peugeot keys, then feel free to get in touch with us for a chat on 0333 1881318. We can help you out with any questions you may have.

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