is the quick, convenient and easy way to buy replacement car and van keys online at prices that are typically much lower than from UK main dealers.

About Us

KeyNOW is part of the Iconx International Group, which manufactures some of the most advanced key-cutting machines in the world.  Iconx already owns and operates more than 650 key-cutting machines, located in major retailers throughout the UK, under the brands of My Key Machine and KeyNOW.  Our ground-breaking and patented automotive key-cutting technology is already in use in the US and is now being made available here in the UK for the first time.

How it works

Using our unique technology, our machines can accurately reproduce a replacement car key from a photo of the key that customers can upload from any smartphone or tablet.  By asking you a few short questions about your vehicle, can determine the exact key blank you need.  Our advanced technology then creates a unique data file from the image you provide, which ensures your replacement key is cut to an extremely high level of precision.  All keys are then individually quality-checked by our highly skilled technicians, before being despatched.

Replacement Car Keys Now enables you to order replacement car or van keys from the comfort of your home on a desktop, mobile device or tablet.  Our vehicle search tool allows you to select your key and order a replacement key quickly and easily.  KeyNOW has also developed our own unique KeyNOW Programmer, which provides a quick and easy way to program your key’s transponder to pair it to your car or van within minutes.  Alternatively, you can use our 'You Come To Us' or ‘We Come To You’ service to book an in-house Technician, who will program the key to your vehicle, for you.

Keeping your data secure

KeyNOW treats the handling and storage of secure customer data extremely seriously.  Using a 256-bit SSL encryption and ultra-secure Amazon cloud storage facility, uploaded customer data is only stored as long as is needed to supply the correct replacement key, before being deleted.

The problem 

For too long, purchasing a replacement car key has been costly and time-consuming.  Main dealers can be expensive and don’t hold replacement keys in stock.  These can often take weeks to be supplied from order.  In fact, independent research has shown that many customers never replace their second car key because they can’t find a suitable key replacement service.  Having only one single key for your vehicle is often inconvenient and can prove very expensive if that then becomes lost, as locks may need to be replaced.  Also, when car owners go to sell their vehicle, they will typically find that having only one key can seriously affect its valuation, often by several hundred pounds.

The solution

KeyNOW can offer a less expensive replacement key than the main dealer.  Also, where main dealer keys are often subject to an order period of several weeks, KeyNOW carry a huge range of key types in stock and can often provide a much quicker solution.  KeyNOW is also the only specialist provider of replacement car keys with national engineer coverage.  Our team of skilled technicians is not only able to supply the precision-cut replacement key but also can reprogram the new key to your car in minutes, using our highly advanced diagnostic equipment.  Our helpful and knowledgeable technical support team is also on hand to deal with any customer queries or concerns.