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KeyNOW is a specialist key replacement service that offers a premium experience to its customers. Making replacement keys for the leading car brands in the UK, such as Nissan, Hyundai and Land Rover.
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Replace Your Land Rover Car Keys

If you need a set of replacement Land Rover keys, then we have got you covered. We provide a straightforward process with no hassle or excessive waiting times involved. On your side of the process, you simply need to fill in a short questionnaire and make your payment. Then, you can kick back and relax, and we deal with the rest. 

Land Rover Key Replacement

Land Rover is an international company that creates some of the most powerful cars in the business. This brand uses unique keys that keep the vehicles safe and secure, so it is essential to work with key replacement services that are experts to ensure the best possible result. We offer replacements for the following Land Rover models:

  • Land Rover Discovery
  • Land Rover Freelander
  • Land Rover Range Rover Sport

UK Based Company

We are a UK-based company, and we operate across the whole of the mainland, so regardless of where you are based we can offer your key replacement at an affordable price. You can expect the process, including crafting the new set of keys, delivery and programming to be complete within just 3 days.

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Key Replacement Services

Common issues:

  • Broken Land Rover car key
  • Worn out Land Rover key
  • Your Land Rover’s value is low because of a missing key
  • You do not have a spare set of car keys

If you are experiencing one of these problems, then one of KeyNOW’s services might interest you…

> Replacement Land Rover keys 

> Crafting spare keys 

> Key repair services

> Car key programming

About Land Rover Car Keys

All Land Rover cars that were created after 1995 have an immobiliser installed with a transponder chip, which ensures that only you can enter your vehicle. 

In 2015, Land Rover implemented a lock on the KVM (keyless vehicle modules) which served as an anti-theft system. Some cars manufactured earlier than 2015 may also have this upgrade if it has been updated.

If you need a replacement Land Rover key, we recommend that you do not purchase second-hand keys online, as it is practically impossible to programme them with your car. Work with a professional service for the best results. KeyNOW has cutting-edge technology and excellent facilities to create a brand-new, effective key for you….

What To Expect When You Work With KeyNOW

Quick Process
At KeyNOW, we understand that key issues can throw your life off until you have a replacement. So, we work as quickly as possible. We can have a new set of keys delivered to your door within 3 days, which is significantly faster than any other key replacement companies or car dealerships.
2-Year Replacement Guarantee
In the unlikely event that you have issues with your Land Rover replacement key within the first 2 years, then we will replace it for you at no additional cost.
24/7 Customer Services
Our customer service team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The team are friendly experts that will help you with any issues you may have and offer you impartial advice if required.
Affordable Prices
We offer affordable costs without sacrificing quality. Our keys start at £50 and go up to £350. We will always charge you the best possible price, and you can expect to save up to 40% when you shop with us.
Easy Process
We make our service as easy as possible to access. You can fill in our short online form and make your payment within just 5 minutes. We only require essential information.
Glowing Reviews
Our amazing customers have rated us as ‘excellent’ on TrustPilot. Over time, we have received over 3,500 reviews, averaging 4.8/5.

The Process

Firstly, you will need to fill out the questionnaire on our website, which will ask you for the following information:

  • Car registration number or vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • Make, model and year of your Land Rover
  • A clear photograph of your key 
  • A photograph of your UK driving licence
  • Address and postcode

Afterwards, you can securely make your payment on our website. Once we have received your details and payment, we will get to work.

Our technicians use advanced and precise technology to cut a new key based on the photograph of your keys that you send over. So, if you do not have a set of keys or a photograph, we will be unable to craft a new set of keys for you.

Once your new set of Land Rover keys has been manufactured, we will send out an engineer (who will be background checked) to deliver and programme your keys.

Securing Your Data

The photographs that you send us are securely uploaded to Amazon Cloud.  

At KeyNOW, we use 256-bit SSL encryption for maximum security. 

We delete all of your data when we have completed your new set of keys.

Call us on: 0333 1881318 - or message us via Contact Us
Land Rover Key Replacement FAQ
We offer the option for you to programme your replacement keys yourself, and we will send out a device along with instructions for you to complete the task.
We highly recommend that you invest in a spare set of keys. If you lose or snap your keys, it can be a huge inconvenience waiting around for a new set and being unable to drive, having a spare set eliminates these issues.
  • Driver’s side of the dashboard
  • Driver’s side door (on a sticker)
  • Insurance policy
  • Car’s registration

If you still can’t find it, we can look it up for you. We will just need to know your car’s registration number.

If you are trying to sell your car and you do not have the keys for it, it can knock around £300 off the value of your car. So, it is an investment to get a replacement set of keys.

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If you are interested in purchasing a replacement key for your Land Rover, then call us on 01535 387001 today! We can discuss the process further, clear up any queries and offer advice.

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