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We’ll have your replacement car keys with you in only a few days, it’s as easy as four simple steps.

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Simply find your vehicle via our easy-to-use, online search tool and choose the key and service you require.

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Purchase your key and securely upload a clear image of your key along with proof of ID.

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Our in-house expert technicians will decode and accurately cut your new car or van key.

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* Includes new cut key with easy-to-use pairing device

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For a new, fully-programmed remote key, select the service that suits you best.

KeyNOW by Timson Logo- Typically upto 60% cheaper than Car Dealerships
Pair It Yourself
A new cut key, with easy-to-use pairing device, ready for you to pair to your vehicle yourself
You Come To Us
A new cut key, despatched to your selected Timpson store and paired to your vehicle by a trained technician
We Come To You
A new cut key, paired to your vehicle by our trained technician at a location and time to suit you
Main Dealer
Price Typical Example: Ford Focus 2016 Key. £129 £149 £199 £248
Available Typical delivery time 2-3 Days 2-3 Days 3-5 Days 7-21 Days
Delivered to your home for DIY programming
Collect from your local Timpson store
Book a technician at a time & location to suit you
Access to your vehicle at all times
Order Online
Price transparency
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Our Car and Van Key Replacement Service

Many people don’t realise that a replacement car or van key must be paired / programmed to a vehicle before it can be used. KeyNOW by Timpson offers the only way to order a fully working car key online. What’s more you can select the car key replacement service that suits you best:

Cut Key Only
Delivery of a new cut key which will work in the lock. As with all remote car keys, to be able to drive using this key, an Auto technician would be required to pair this key to your vehicle.
Delivery of a new cut key and our unique KeyNOW pairing device. This enables you to easily pair your new key to your vehicle yourself. With easy-to-follow instructions and the KeyNOW technical support team on hand, this device provides a quick, convenient and more affordable way to replace your car key.
You Come To Us
A new cut key delivered to a Timpson store of your choosing. Once notified that your new key is in stock, simply call in to the store at any time, 7 days a week. A trained Timpson colleague will then pair the key to your vehicle and hand you your fully working key.
We Come To You
For total convenience, our own nationwide team of KeyNOW technicians will hand deliver a new cut key and pair it to your vehicle for you. Simply select a booking slot at a time and location to suit you.
Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a lost or broken car key you are not alone!  Many of our customers have told us how frustrating the process of going to a main dealer or auto locksmith can be. Until KeyNOW, buying a replacement car key has often been a very costly and time consuming exercise. 

KeyNOW’s aim is to make buying replacement car or van keys quick, easy and much more affordable for everyone. As part of the Iconx International Group, we have vast experience in key cutting technology and now export key cutting machines all over the world.  In the UK alone, we already cut more than a million keys per year for our many valued customers.

KeyNOW.com offers completely transparent pricing and a choice of key replacement services. Buying a replacement car key now, is more convenient and much more affordable than ever before. 

Just four simple steps:

1. Find your vehicle - enter your REG and postcode

2. Order your key and upload a clear image of your existing key along with proof of ID

3. Your replacement key is cut by our expert in-house technicians

4.  Receive your key - Either inperson or by secure post.

The price can vary depending on the type of key for your vehicle and which type of service you require from us (cut key only, Pair-it-Yourself, You Come to Us or We Come to You). KeyNOW fully programmed replacement keys start at £99 and are typically up to 60% cheaper than main dealer prices.

KeyNOW covers most of mainland England, Scotland and Wales. Our trained technicians are based in locations throughout the UK, so there is always a technician near you. Simply enter your postcode and vehicle details to find out what service is available to you.

The KeyNOW car key replacement service already covers a very extensive range of UK cars and we are adding to our database all the time. Unfortunately, a small number of manufacturers still only enable their main dealers to provide and reprogram replacement car keys for their vehicles. We believe that this restricts customer choice and convenience. At KeyNOW, we are continuing to expand the range of vehicles we cover, delivering more choice, convenience and value for UK car and van owners.

Yes, KeyNOW already covers a vast range of UK vans and the number of vehicle types is increasing all the time. If you are looking for a replacement van key, enter your vehicle registration and postcode on KeyNOW.com to find out if your vehicle key is covered by our service.

KeyNOW holds vast stocks of keys from most vehicle manufacturers. If your key is available from stock, your replacement key will be cut and supplied to you within a few days. For keys that are not held in stock, we will let you know an approximate lead time before you reach the payment stage.

Yes, absolutely. The Block Exemption Regulations (BER) prohibit vehicle manufacturers’ warranties from requiring work to be carried out by a main dealer. KeyNOW follows strict quality guidelines and in many cases provides the option of an identical key to the original manufacturer.

Our technology uses photographs of your car keys in order to create a replacement set. We scan the photograph of the blade into the software and machine we use to create the new key. If you cannot send us a picture of your existing keys, you will need to get in touch with an auto locksmith to help you

For some vehicle makes and models, we can securely send you a KeyNOW Programmer along with your replacement key. This unique device enables you to easily pair the key to your vehicle by yourself, using our advanced programming technology. It is a quick, convenient and far more affordable way to replace your car key. The KeyNOW technical support team are always on hand to provide guidance if needed. 

Initially, this service is only available to a selected range of vehicles but we are growing this range of products all the time. 

Our 'You Come To Us' service offers you reassurance and convenience when ordering your replacement car keys. You order your key online, selecting the You Come To Us service. You will see a list of Timpson stores, local to you, where you can collect the key and a trained technician will program and pair the key to your vehicle.

Whether that be your home or your workplace, our ‘We Come To You’ service offers you the convenience that one of our experienced in-house technicians will hand deliver, program and test your new key at a location and time that suits you.

The Cut Key Only service provides you with a replacement key that will not be paired to your car when you receive it. The key will allow you to unlock and lock your doors but will not allow you to start the engine until it has been programmed. Only a person or company (e.g. Auto Locksmith or Garage) that has specialist software can program the key to your vehicle for you. They will charge you for this service.

Yes. For more than 20 years, all new vehicles have been supplied with an immobiliser by law. As a result, all replacement keys have to be paired to the vehicle for them to work. When you purchase a replacement car or van key online, be aware that you will need to have that key programmed to your vehicle.

No. In some cases, our unique unique Programmer can be sent, along with your new replacement key, by secure delivery. This enables you to easily pair the key to your vehicle yourself. 

For all vehicles, where a replacement key can be supplied, and regardless if you have chosen the You Come To Us or We Come To You option, our technicians will pair the new key to your vehicle while you wait.

With our 'You Come To Us' and our 'We Come To You' service, a trained technician will use advanced vehicle diagnostic equipment, and will normally be able to program and fully test the key and remote in under 30 minutes.

No. KeyNOW provides a complete key replacement service, which includes key cutting and vehicle reprogramming. This way we can guarantee the quality of our product and service and give our customers the convenience and reassurance of a complete solution.

KeyNOW holds most car and van key blanks in stock. Therefore, most replacement keys are cut and will be with you within just a few days from order. If the key you require is not held in stock, we will let you know an approximate lead time before you reach the payment stage.

Ideally yes. Having a second/spare key can save you time, money and headaches. If you only have one key and it gets lost or damaged, most vehicle owners find that they have no option but to go to the main dealer. Some even find that they need to have their whole locks changed. This takes time and is very expensive. When you go to sell your vehicle, not having a spare key can also seriously impact the trade-in value.

Yes. KeyNOW does offer a key repair service for most vehicles. Simply select 'Car & Van Key Repair' from the top menu on our home page. You can quickly search for your vehicle and order your key repair from KeyNOW.

No, as long as you have an existing key. KeyNOW can provide a second replacement car or van key without the need for you to change the locks on your vehicle. Your replacement key can be paired to your car by our 'Pair-it-Yourself', 'You Come To Us' or 'We Come To You' services.

The term smart key refers to a car key that locks and unlocks a vehicle without the need to remove the key blade from the fob. The technology works by the key giving out a pulse that is picked up by the antenna in the body of the vehicle. The car is usually started using a push button start, while the smart key is inside the vehicle.

Yes. KeyNOW can cut and reprogram most types of car and van key. Once you have entered your vehicle details, you will be presented with the options available. For some vehicle types, several options may be available for you to choose from. If a smart key is available for your vehicle, this option will be shown.

A Universal key is a non-branded key that has all the same functions as the Your original, official key but may not be the same size and shape.
A Premium key is a key it has all the same functions and looks just like your original official key without the manufacturer's branding or logo on the fob.
This is a genuine key supplied by the original vehicle manufacturer. As we have to order these from the manufacturer there could be a slight delay in getting the key to you and paired to your vehicle.

Unfortunately No, KeyNOW won’t be able to help if you have locked your keys in your car or van. We are a key replacement service and not an emergency locksmith. If you require an emergency callout service, you will need to contact a local auto locksmith or your breakdown service.

KeyNOW’s customer support team are always keen to help. KeyNOW is part of the Iconx International Group. We have vast experience in all aspects of key cutting and key replacement. All of our technicians are fully trained and carry out a full test on your replacement keys before they leave you with your vehicle. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will always do everything we can to help resolve any problems you experience with your car or van keys.